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Outpatient Services

Therapy Services D37

Therapy Services D37 offers an integrated approach in providing a wide range of centre-based rehabilitation services. There services consist of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy targeted at optimising mobility, function, and independence. Therapy sessions are conducted on an individual and group basis, working with the multidisciplinary team to deliver holistic and patient-centred care.
At Yishun Community Hospital, we aim to support you in achieving your rehabilitation goals.


Application for enrolment into our rehabilitation programmes is through Agency for Integrated Care (AIC). To apply, or find out more information about the care resources available, visit their websites at

Documents to Bring


Therapy appointment card (given at your first appointment)


Doctor's referral for therapy, where applicable


NRIC or Work Permit


What To Wear


Comfortable clothing that allows unrestricted movement and access to the injured area.


Track shoes / sport shoes are recommended.

What Not To Bring


Please do not bring excessive cash or valuables.



Smoking is not allowed on the hospital compounds. We seek your co-operation to help us maintain a healthy smoke-free environment.



Do not use any therapy equipment without therapist's instructions.


No children and friends are allowed in the treatment area. Only caregivers may accompany the elderly.


No food or drink is to be brought into the treatment area. If you need to take your medication, please inform the therapist.


Please inform your therapist if you are pregnant or having a pacemaker. Certain treatments may not be appropriate for you.


No pets are allowed.


Consent to Treatment

Upon commencement of therapy with us at Yishun Community Hospital, it would be deemed that you have consented for treatment.

Length of Programme

At the initial consultation, our therapist will assess you and decide on the appropriate treatment and frequency. The frequency of treatment will vary depending on your condition and treatment goals.

Patient Privacy

Please observe the following:

  • You will be allowed into the treatment area only when accompanied by our staff.
  • Please switch mobile phone to silent mode.
  • Please do not take any photos within the premises.


Changing appointments

To change your appointment, please call Therapy Services at (Tel) 6807 8800 at least three working days in advance. This will allow us to assist you in obtaining another appointment at your earliest convenience.

Missed appointment

First Appointment

If you miss your first appointment, please call Therapy Services to reschedule. Please identify yourself as a new patient. If you do not attend your therapy for more than two months from your doctor's referral, you will need to see your doctor for a re-evaluation before attending therapy.

Follow-up appointments

Unless otherwise directed, you will need to see your doctor for a re-evaluation of your condition before resuming therapy sessions if your last attendance has been more than two months ago, or if you have missed two consecutive appointments.


Punctuality is crucial in ensuring you receive the full treatment that you need. Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your appointment time for registration. Priority is given to patients who arrive on time.

Should you be late for less than 15 minutes, you will be informed of the estimated waiting time, or be offered to reschedule your appointment. If you will be late for more than 15 minutes, please call Therapy Services to check if your appointment time slot that is convenient for you.