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​As a volunteer, you enjoy the opportunity and personal satisfaction of serving as an integral member of the care team at YCH​.
We welcome volunteers from all ages and all walks of life - retired professionals, working adults, home makers and students.
There is a wide range of activities provided by volunteers: befriending, gardening, mobile library, music and more.​​ Come share your talents and join in the fun of spreading joy to others!​


To volunteer, please contact us at 6807 8964 or fill out the application form.
Volunteer Application Form

For more information, please contact

For Indi​viduals

Have extra time and want to spend it meaningfu​lly? You can choose how you want to spend your time with our patients. You do not nee​d special skills as you will be guided by staff and fellow volunteers.

For a meaningful experience, we hope you will be able to contribute at least two hours per session, for a period of six months. Of course, you can discuss with us to work out a schedule that suits you.

How you can help

Caring Spoons

  • Serve meals and clear food trays
  • Assist with feeding patients

Training will be provided.

Lunch: 11am - 1pm
Dinner: 5pm - 7pm

Art & Craft

Art & craft making keeps the mind active and may improve our patients’ motor skills.

Patients can express their creativity through various forms of artwork.

Art & craft includes paper quilling, Japanese pastel art, painting, colouring, origami, tote bag painting, calligraphy etc.

Volunteers can assist and guide patients during the art & craft sessions.

Volunteers can also form their groups to conduct art & craft sessions for our patients.

Any day of the week

Care Support @ AdMC

  • Assist patients with self kiosk registration
  • Monitor patient’s vital signs such as blood pressure
  • Assist patients with height and weight measurements
  • Address basic queries from patients/visitors at the centre

Training will be provided.

Monday, Tuesday & Friday: 9am - 12pm


This is a group of volunteers who enjoys gardening and enjoys being outdoors. The volunteers will help maintain the rooftop gardens and small gardens in Yishun Health. We will plant various types of vegetables, herbs and/or fruits.

The harvested crop such as eggplant, sweet potato leaf and mugwort etc. may be used by Yishun Health Kitchen Service.

Any day of the weekday
Time: 9am-11am

Hair Cutting

The hair-cutting programme is a bi-weekly session (including ad hoc requests from palliative ward) where volunteer hair stylists provide basic hair-cutting services for our patients at Yishun Community Hospital.

We hope to make the stay of our patients more comfortable, bring cheer to our patients and bring a smile to their faces by providing a basic hair-cutting service.

These volunteer hair stylists help our patients look and feel their best! Feeling good about their appearance may help to boost our patients' mood and morale!

If you can help make our patients look good, please reach out to us!


The horticulture programme allows patients to learn new skills or regain those that are lost. Horticulture group sessions may help to improve memory, cognitive abilities, task initiation, language skills, and socialization.

During the horticulture session, volunteers will support the facilitators and share with patients about plants and herbs and guide them in planting their pot of herbs.

Every Tuesday/Every Thursday

Melodies from the Heart

Music helps to lift the spirit.

You can play familiar tunes on the piano or other musical instruments for patients during their mealtimes.

Music is a universal language and we hope to bring cheer and comfort to our patients. Live music can provide a lively atmosphere in the hospital and bring joy to our patients. A happy mood may aid in the recovery process off our patients.

Volunteer musicians can perform live music with musical instruments such as guitar, piano, ukulele, etc.

Volunteer singers/choirs can also perform at our wards or at patients’ bedside.

Any day of the week

Patient Buddy

Interact and engage with our patients. Keep our patients’ company.

Engage in stimulating games.

Help watch over our patients to prevent falls in the wards.

Any day of the week
Ability to speak dialect will be an advantage

Exercise Buddy

Facilitate basic chair exercises for our patients.

Any day of the week
Ability to speak dialect will be an advantage

Therapy Buddy

As a patient advocate and an ambassador of Yishun Health, you will:

  • Assist Therapist/Therapist Assistant with group or individual therapy 
  • Help to set up common area for exercise 
  • Prepare equipment for use of exercise 
  • Working on exercise with patients 
  • Encourage and guide patients to perform exercises

Training will be provided.

Tuesday or Thursday
9am - 12pm

For Groups

Do you have special talents or skills that you wish to share with our patients? We welcome you to contact us and schedule a time slot for your team.

For a meaningful experience, we hope you can set aside at least two hours per session for a period of six months.

What some volunteer groups do

Fun Fit Club

This all-female group of mainly housewives aged 40s and above come together regularly to do their dancercise.

They also encourage patients to groove to the music.

JustUke Strummers

Volunteers in this ukulele interest group from Nee Soon South Constituency perform monthly for patients in the wards.

They play a repertoire of English, Chinese, Hokkien, Cantonese and Malay songs.

Little Skool House

Children from the pre-school visit the wards every first Tuesday of the month to engage patients in art and cooking sessions. This encourages inter-generation bonding.

Senior Sing-Along

Our senior sing-along group are made up of active seniors who are passionate about music and serving the community.

They come from all corners of Singapore and many travelled with heavy and bulky instruments.

Wind of Love

Every fortnight, this group of volunteers belt out familiar oldies during lunch time in the communal dining area in the wards.

They also perform bedside singing in the sub-acute wards.

For Corporates & Schools

We welcome you to contact us and to discuss how you can contribute your time and talent to support our patients and staff.

Examples of corporate & school volunteer activities