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Yishun Community Hospital

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Health Minister breaks ground for new Yishun Community Hospital that "will not let patients lie in bed"

23 August 2015

428-bed Yishun Community Hospital, opening in 2015, aims to get patients up on their feet with wide open spaces and greenery promoting rehabilitation and recovery

  1. Minister for Health Mr Gan Kim Yong​ officiated the groundbreaking of Singapore's newest community hospital - Yishun Community Hospital (YCH) - this morning, Friday, 23 August 2013.

  2. Located right behind Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (KTPH), YCH will be one of the newest community hospitals that will be built next to an acute-care hospital. Alexandra Health System (AHS) which curr​ently runs KTPH will manage YCH when it opens in end-2015.

  3. YCH will have a total capacity of 428 beds for sub-acute, rehabilitative, dementia and palliative care to help relieve KTPH’s acute care load. The community hospital will have four inpatient gyms - conveniently located next to wards - that are designed to meet the rehabilitation needs of different patient groups. Each rehabilitation ward has a multipurpose room designed to simulate a home-like environment to encourage patients to dine and socialise together. The open spaces and greenery outside the wards are designed to encourage patients to get out of bed to exercise and regain their functions.

  4. The new community hospital will also adopt many of KTPH and other industries' best practices in creating a green, healing hassle-free environment for patients to recover and intuitive way-finding for visitors. YCH's gardens will be used for horticultural therapy and exercises to make therapy more enjoyable for older and rehabilitating patients. YCH will also benefit from leveraging on KTPH's manpower, existing services and infrastructure to create economies of scale and deliver value-added healthcare to patients.

  5. "At KTPH, we are looking after the critically ill patients. We have to work very quickly to diagnose the patients' conditions, start treatment and operate on them. Some patients, especially, the older ones, may need a little bit more time to recover. At YCH, they will have the time to recover to get back on their feet before they go home. YCH will be a hospital that will not let our patients lie in bed. The ambience will be so nice that they would want to get up on their feet," said Mr Liak Teng Lit, Group Chief Executive Officer, AHS.

  6. YCH will complement KTPH by providing seamless care to KTPH's patients and be a base for AHS' range of initiatives, including transitional home care service, telemedicine with the community and nursing homes, as well as AHS' Ageing-in-Place Programme to support intermediate and long-term care in the community. 

  7. "YCH will be a focal point for supporting care in the community in the north. We will take over patients not only from KTPH but also from other acute-care hospitals. This might be patients who need rehabilitation or a longer period of stay to recover. We will also be collaborating with nursing homes, day rehabilitation centres and home care i.e. patients living at home. We will work closely with family physicians, general practitioners and the voluntary welfare organisations," said Associate Professor Pang Weng Sun, Chairman Medical Board, Yishun Community Hospital.
  8. When YCH is ready in 2015, it will be another milestone for AHS as it builds up and strengthens its capability as an integrated healthcare cluster for the 700,000 residents living in northern Singapore.

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