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Yishun Community Hospital

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New Yishun Community Hospital to bring about closer care integration for patients in the north

10 April 2015

Community Hospital will open in December 2015 and offer patient-centred care from hospital to home

Health Minister Mr Gan Kim Yong officiated the topping out ceremony of the new Yishun Community Hospital (YCH) this morning. Construction of YCH began after breaking the ground in August 2013. Managed by Alexandra Health System (AHS), YCH is targeted to open end of this year despite the challenging construction timeline. When ready in December 2015, YCH will add capacity to the intermediate and long term care sector with its 428 beds for rehabilitation, sub-acute, dementia and palliative care patients to meet the demands for community hospital services by our rapidly ageing population. YCH will receive post-surgical, post-stroke patients and patients who are recovering from medical illnesses/trauma from its sister hospital, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (KTPH), as well as other acute hospitals and nursing homes.

Better care integration with close proximity to KTPH

KTPH and YCH serve different functions. Under the same cluster and sharing the same service philosophy; KTPH caters to patients with acute, complex and critical medical conditions whilst YCH will provide for patients who need an extended period of rehabilitation and recovery. The close proximity of YCH to KTPH will enable speedy and seamless transfer of patients from one setting to another to facilitate ease of access to care and services. Patients who are discharged home from YCH will continue their care, where necessary, under AHS' Ageing-In-Place Programme. For more details, refer to Annex 1 on patient journey.

"The upcoming YCH, which is located next to KTPH, will provide continuing care and support patients through the recovery process. Over the next few years, residents in the north can look forward to new healthcare facilities and service developments, such as Admiralty Medical Centre, Sembawang Primary Care Centre and Woodlands Integrated Healthcare Campus in the future. The Yishun polyclinic will also be redeveloped. Taken as a whole, these planned projects will provide a holistic suite of healthcare services - spanning acute, specialist care, primary care and long-term care - to make sure that residents living in the northern part of Singapore will be well supported to live healthily and happily," said Minister Gan at the topping out ceremony.

Adopting innovative construction methods to beat the clock

To get YCH’s superstructure up on time for its topping out, the main contractor Kimly-Shimizu JV employed an expeditious building method where construction started from level one upward and downward simultaneously. This differs from the conventional way of construction, where work will start sequentially by excavating from the lowest floor, usually the basement, and then moving to the upper levels. In contrast, the innovative bottom-up and bottom-down concurrent construction method helped the YCH construction team slash four months off its construction schedule.

Another innovative construction method by Kimly-Shimizu JV involves using the Precast Column Structural Steel (PCSS) system which combines the use of reinforced concrete columns and structural steel beams. This method is typically used in the private sector. It helped the construction team to build one level in nine days instead of the average 14 days, saving a total of five days for every level constructed. YCH is the first public hospital that is built using the PCSS system. These innovative concepts have brought about greater efficiency, time savings and better safety. For more details, please refer to Annex 2.

"I congratulate AHS on marking this milestone in the construction of YCH today. As the network of healthcare services provided by AHS continues to grow, the KTPH and YCH teams must work with their Regional Health System partners to collectively deliver integrated care across the different healthcare providers in the northern region of Singapore, for residents in the neighbourhood to stay healthy and well," said Minister Gan.

YCH is another milestone for AHS as it builds up and strengthens its capability as an integrated healthcare cluster for the 700,000 residents living in northern Singapore with KTPH, Admiralty Medical Centre (opening in 2017), Sembawang Primary Care Centre and Woodlands Healthcare Integrated Campus (opening in 2022).

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