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Yishun Community Hospital

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Bridging Care from Hospital to Home - Official Opening of Yishun Community Hospital

28 November 2016


  1. Yishun Community Hospital (义顺社区医院) celebrates its official opening today with a “Kampung” themed event graced by Minister for Health, Mr Gan Kim Yong. Since the hospital began operations in December last year, it has served more than 1,400 patients from Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (邱德拔医院) and other acute care hospitals and nursing homes.

    Seamless, hassle-free care in a natural healing environment

  2. Yishun ​Community Hospital was designed to be a “modern tropical kampung” with a natural healing environment. Patients get to recuperate amidst the calming sights and sounds of nature within a modern healthcare facility. Natural greenery, water features and mini gardens surround the hospital grounds. All rehabilitation wards on every level come with attached balconies with pleasant scenery to invite patients out of their beds and into the open spaces. 

  3. ​Yishun Community Hospital is sited next to its acute counterpart, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, and connected by a short link-bridge. This fosters closer collaboration between the medical teams and facilitates seamless and hassle-free care coordination. Patients who require longer term rehabilitation care can do so in a more appropriate intermediate care setting. Aside from the rehabilitation (复健) and sub-acute care services (亚急性), Yishun Community Hospital also provides geriatric (老年医学), dementia (失智症) and palliative care services (临终关怀护理), to help support a growing ageing population in Singapore.

    ​Bridging care from hospital to home

  4. ​The ethos of care at Yishun Community Hospital is to provide respectful and personalised care to help patients regain their physical and mental independence, so they can remain active when they return home. Patients don’t lie in their beds all day. They are encouraged to participate in various rehabilitation and recreational activities drawn up by our staff and volunteers to ease their transition back home. 

  5. One example is Mr Heng Peng Swan, 65, a former patient who underwent rehabilitation for his road traffic accident injuries. “I haven’t drawn for 40 to 50 years. One day the staff asked me to draw as part of my therapy. They were surprised by how well I could draw and I was encouraged to produce more drawings,” he says. Mr Heng is a member of the hospital’s Evergreen Club, an initiative to help former patients socialise and network with one another.

  6. ​Care does not end when patients are discharged. The hospital continues to support them and help them integrate back home and within their community to keep them healthy.

  7. ​“We treat our patients as we would to our loved ones. We bridge care from hospital to home and extend our support to them even after they leave the hospital. We want to ensure our patients cope well and stay well to prevent complications and re-admission,” says Dr Pauline Tan(陈真如博士), Chief Executive Officer, Yishun Community Hospital (义顺社区医院行政总裁).

  8. Patients who need additional help and support are referred to our Ageing-In-Place Community Care Team (原地养老医疗延续服务) before they are discharged. For our patients who live in the North, we encourage them to participate in various community activities at our three Wellness Kampung centres (综合养生村) to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Since Alexandra Health System introduced the Ageing-in-Place Programme in 2011, about 5,700 patients from Khoo Teck Puat Hospital and Yishun Community Hospital have benefitted from its suite of healthcare services to help patients who need post-discharge support have a smoother transition back home.

    Promoting inter-generational bonding

  9. ​Yishun Community Hospital believes inter-generational interaction can play an important role in the rehabilitation process for the elderly patients. Since August, the nursery and kindergarten kids from Little Skool-house By-The-Lake engage in simple cooking, arts and craft activities with the patients every Tuesday. This is weaved into the school’s formal curriculum. The children bring liveliness to the wards and much joy to the patients. As the young and old spend quality time together and bond, the children also learn from the elderly and better understand their needs through this meaningful initiative.

  10. ​The hospital has also set up reading corners on every level and partnered National Library Board (NLB) to promote reading as an activity to keep the patients mentally active and alert. The NLB has donated 1,400 books on topics ranging from common health problems in the elderly, healthy living, to stress management and inspirational self-help. 


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